Fraud and How the Statute of Limitations Can Be Extended Once it is Discovered

Fraud and How the Statute of Limitations Can Be Extended Once it is Discovered

In cases where the defendant deliberately concealed their involvement or culpability in a person’s death, the statute may be extended to allow the family of the deceased to pursue civil action against the defendant. In some situations, this concealment may be criminal. Or the concealment may have been part of a larger criminal enterprise. When this happens, the defendant may also be subject to criminal charges in addition to civil charges. And when a defendant must answer criminal charges as well, it invariably strengthens that criminal case, even if the defendant is ultimately exonerated in criminal court.
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If a plaintiff has suffered some physical or mental incapacity that keeps them from responding within the standard two-year statute of limitations, the statute may be extended to accommodate the defendant. For example, if a man and his wife are involved in a car accident and the man dies but the wife goes into a coma for three years, her statute of limitations would likely be extended due to the fact that she was mentally or physically incapacitated and was unable to pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of her husband.

Getting Past the Opposition to win Your Damage Case or Claim

Aside from the fact that the defendant is walking a tightrope during the period of risk between the negligent accident, so too is the defendant’s insurance company. But if circumstances suspend that statute of limitations longer than the two years, your opponents have even more time to prepare their defense during a time when they know they are at-risk, while you and your attorney don’t. Given enough time, they can make a lot of evidence go away, misplace vital documents, and further cloud the evidence you need to create a strong negligence case against the defendants.

The insurance companies are usually the ones who will pay injury damages. And they can hide behind excellent lawyers: either on-staff or on permanent retainer. They know many tricks in the legal book to avoid paying accident victims’ legitimate damage claims. And in cases that might not be argued for several years, they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for their day in court. So their strategies will be well-thought-out and their tactics perfected. When their insurance clients are forced to pay, they fight just as hard to make that compensation check due you – the plaintiff – is as small as possible.

Having a wrongful death lawyer on your side, as soon as possible, increases your odds of a successful wrongful death lawsuit because time and again, effective investigations are the keys to that success. And it should begin as soon as you suspect negligence in this wrongful death. Since our Law Firm collects its fees on a contingency basis, the cost of this investigation, and other legal services in the interest of your case is nothing. And we don’t take the case unless we believe there is a reasonable chance of success. So what do you have to lose: even if it will be a long time before you receive your damage award? It’s better to have a wrongful death lawyer on your side and not need one, than the other way around.

The Wrongful Death Attorneys at our Texas Law Firm Stand Ready to Help You: and we can Patiently Wait with You for our Day in Court

Wrongful death cases should not be handled by inexperienced law firms. The wrongful death lawyers of our Law Firm have decades of experience in successfully litigating wrongful death claims: even if it takes years to do it, with the permission of the court to extend your statute of limitations.accident attorneys

Put our experience to work for you, today! If you want to know what your rights are, and how Texas Statute of Limitations laws affect you and your surviving family members after the accidental death of a loved one, even if the events or time-frame for filing your lawsuit are unclear, we can help you understand the best way to proceed with your claim, how much compensation you can reasonably expect to secure, and the right time to spring into action against the negligent defendants and their well-funded insurers and attorneys.

We can answer every one of your questions and share the likely strategy to produce the rightful compensation you have a right to claim, in addition to “hanging back” and waiting for the right moment. In the words of Sun Tsu, “Make no battle until the outcome is foregone and favorable.” Because sometimes, waiting and preparing is the best strategy.

Contact our wrongful death attorneys at our Texas Law Firm now at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation or fill out the form at the top of this page for a free consultation, and find out how we can help you and your family during your time of grief and doubt.

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