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Car Accidents

You should talk to a car accident lawyer right away if you’ve been injured in a car accident. You will undoubtedly have medical bills, and you may even experience economic loss if you have to stay out of work for a time after the accident. You deserve to be compensated for all of these things. To win an auto negligence case, though, you’ve got to follow the rules for bringing one and have the proof necessary to make your point crystal clear with a judge and possibly a jury.

Here are the rules for winning an auto negligence case.

1. Don’t Ignore the Statute of Limitations for Bringing Your Case to Court

In Texas, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in a car accident case. The case doesn’t have to be heard in court within two years, but you must file your lawsuit within that time. Usually, that means seeing a car crash lawyer and getting the appropriate paperwork filled out and filed with the court. The court will then set a date to hear your case. More on this webpage

As long as you’ve filed the case within the statute of limitations, it doesn’t matter if the hearing is scheduled outside of it. If you try to file beyond the statute of limitations, the court will not hear your case, even if you would have been entitled to compensation due to the accident.

2. Get the Proof You Need

You must prove to a judge or jury that you were seriously injured. This means gathering up all of the medical evidence in your case and presenting a certificate of validation from a medical professional who agrees that your injuries meet the definition of serious.

If you are claiming damages for your car as well, you will also need as much proof as possible to get a high award. You should gather the following:

The license plate number of the car that hit yours
The police report from the scene of the accident
The car insurance information from the at-fault driver
Your report to the police of a hit and run, if that was the case


Winning a fair and suitable award for a car accident comes down to following the rules regarding such lawsuits and providing enough proof that your stance on the case is correct. Your car accident lawyer will go over all of the particulars of your case with you. Then, your attorney will get down to the business of getting you the compensation you deserve.